Picture Name Meaning

It is a flower of friendship and it symbolises wealth, prosperity and fortune.

Amaryllis This flower is symbolic of splendid beauty, It is also used to indicate worth beyond beauty.
Bird of Paradise This flower symbolizes joyfulness and magnificence, It can also be used to indicate exciting and wonderful anticipation.
Calla Lily This flower symbolizes magnificence and beauty, White Calla lilies combine these two attributes with purity and innocence.
Daisy This flower symbolizes symbolizes innocence, purity and it conveys loyal love.
Gerbera This flower conveys cheerfulness and it belongs to the daisy family and therefore assumes the symbolism associated with the daisy flower.
Red Roses This flower conveys deep emotions, they can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion.
Yellow Roses Yellow roses evoke sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome, they are symbols of friendship and caring.
Pink Roses Pink roses are used to convey gentle emotions such as admiration, joy and gratitude.
Orange roses Orange roses can be used to express intense desire, pride and fervor. They also convey a sense of fascination.
Mixed roses By mixing rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a bouquet of emotions.